Inquiry Inspiration

Have a curiosity you want to explore? Have a little extra time in class? Looking for a new, fresh topic for a Rover project? Below is a list of links for research and inquiry! If you have a suggestion for a topic or a link you want to share email Ms.Potts at

I want to learn more about….

The Solar System (planets, moons, stars): How is each planet different? Could humans live on Mars, why or why not? Many more questions to answer by looking a these links…

Dinosaurs & Paleontology (the study of fossils): What are the different types of dinosaurs? When did they go extinct? Read what the experts have to say…

Virtual Tour of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum  

Information from the American Museum of Natural History

Learn about the different kinds of fossils from this video and website

Videos from National Geographic Kids (remember to get a teacher’s permission before watching)

Zoology (studying zoo animals): Why are glow worms important? How does an ant eater eat? Explore these questions about zoo animals with these links…

A beginner’s guide

A video and some more information

About all kinds of animals (even glow worms!) 

How animals use smell (thanks to Mia for this site!)

Neuroscience (studying the human brain): Did you know there’s a part of your brain that is all about your emotions? How does your brain know when you’re hungry, sad, or how to remember words? 

A video for kids on the human brain 

A website all about how your brain works

Genetics:People say “oh that’s passed down from your relatives” or tell you look like a relative…how does that happen? What is a chromosome? It’s all genetics! Learn more here…

Kids Health Website

Vocabulary break down

Geography: Explore these maps and then pick a country to ask questions about. What countries are include in Asia, Africa and Europe? What do schools look like there? Do toilets in Australia really flush backwards? All questions to explore when you stay curious about the world…

Explore world maps 

More map games! 

How well do you know your states?

Alexander Hamilton:Who really was this New Yorker that became so famous from a Broadway musical? How did he influence history and how is he connected to Raymond Burr?

His history in the military 

A list of his accomplishments

Ten facts about Alexander Hamilton 

Mythology: Mythology just isn’t for Perseus Jackson! How is Greek mythology different from Roman different from Egyptian Gods and Goddesses? Which one came first? Here are some links to help you get started.

Greek Mythology  

More on Greek Mythology (creatures, mortal humans and their stories)

Roman Gods 

More on Roman Gods & Goddesses

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

More on Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Entomology (the study of bugs)

Entomology is the study of insects and their relationship to humans, the environment, and other organisms. Entomologists make great contributions to such diverse fields as agriculture, chemistry, biology, human/animal health, molecular science, criminology, and forensics. Learn more this field here

All about beetles

An A-Z list of Insects  

Types of Insects 

Coming Soon…

Cultural Folk Tales & Fair Tales


The American Revolution

Entomology (the study of bugs)

Urban Farming