Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

All students at SLAMS are required to follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for technology use.  This document covers the use of any technology while on school district property, as well as use of school district provided technology outside of the school.  All students will review the AUP yearly in advisory, and students and families must sign off on the AUP each school year.


SLAMS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Science Leadership Academy Middle School values technology and encourages its use in creative ways to support student learning in a safe and secure learning environment. This policy is a guide ensuring the appropriate use as well as safety for all community members. While these technologies provide powerful learning opportunities, they must be used responsibly. Laptops are the School District of Philadelphiaʼs property.

The following rules apply to any device connected to the School District of Philadelphia’s network. Learning always takes priority while using the SLAMS wireless and hardwired internet connections. The following guidelines apply to any school device, whenever it is in use, and any device logged into the School District of Philadelphia’s network. Some of these rules differ for home use, so it is the responsibility of the student to know the difference and to adhere to the School District of Philadelphia’s network rules and Acceptable Use Policy while in school.

  • Do not touch or explore data on another personʼs laptop/device unless invited by the owner
  • Only access areas of the network you have been given permission to access at school
  • Do not load any game, video or music file on your machine that is not paid for or have the rights to use by you.
  • Do not play games at school, unless school and family approved
  • Do not chat online or play music/videos unless given permission by your teacher
  • Do not post or send any message/picture/sound/video that is obscene, rude, harassing or insulting to anyone
  • Do not attack, threaten or intimidate another student via technology (or otherwise)
  • Do not take pictures or post pictures of others without asking their permission
  • Do not take up bandwidth by downloading movies, music, pictures, or by playing online games
  • Do not store data on the hard drive, all personal files must be saved on an external hard drive/cloud space
  • Do not download any illegal materials or intellectual property that was not purchased by you
  • Peer to peer file sharing is strictly prohibited and monitored by the School District of Philadelphia
  • Do not plagiarize, for more information see SLAʼs academic integrity policy
  • Do not forward or send any content not directly associated with your learning
  • Do not deliberately or negligently spread viruses, malware, or spyware
  • Users shall not disable or bypass the Internet blocking/filtering software without authorization. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of proxy avoidance software and hardware (including VPNs) , network tunneling, or file sharing software.


Science Leadership Academy Middle School and The School District of Philadelphia will monitor user data and internet access and has the right to check the contents of any electronic device brought onto the schoolʼs premises or on any official school event. Educational use of the network and computer resources takes precedence over non-educational use. This statement covers (but is not limited to) the use of any and all electronic devices owned by the school and by the students that are brought onto schoolʼs premises or at other official school functions.

An email address with the suffix will be provided to all students. Students may use this to communicate with families, teachers, friends, experts and fellow students around the globe. This address is to be used for all school-related business. Your private account should be used for all other communications. Communicating online is very much like communicating with people in person. You must be respectful of others at all times. Remember that all email & Google Apps files can be read by the SLAMS Technology Team and the administration. Donʼt write anything you would not want to share with teachers and families.

While many members of SLAMS, including staff members, use instant messaging and blogging software to communicate, part of the learning experience at SLAMS is to responsibly use these types of communication methods as part of your school day.

Above all follow the school rules:

Respect Yourself   ~ Respect the Community  ~ Respect SLAMS as a Place of Learning